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EDS is pleased to make available discounted overnight shipping service through FedEx for the low fee of $25 per package, billed (by EDS) to your account.  Simply use the link below to create your FedEx label.  This will allow you to print out a label immediately and will also send you an email with an attached copy of the label.  The email will contain a QR code so if you are mobile, you can take the email to a FedEx location and have them scan the QR  and print the label there.

Create Your Label

We hope this is a convenient and affordable service for you and your clients.

Use the following instructions for packaging your samples:

  • Place each sample (with secured cap or lid) in its own zipable plastic bag containing some type of absorbent material (such as a folded paper towel) in the event of breakage.
  • Place the bag(s) into a small box (must be able to fit in a FedEx clinical pack envelope) with one ice pack (separate bag) and padding material.
  • Keep the total weight to less than one pound.  For large quantity submissions, please contact the lab first for packaging advice.
  • Place the box into a FedEx clinical lab-pack envelope (request FedEx part# 163032 from your FedEx representative for a free supply), attach a pre-printed label and schedule a pickup or drop off your package at the nearest FedEx shipping location.
  • Please note that packages that don’t comply with the service type, size and weight requirements may be subject to a higher fee.